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Jaguars Officially Re-Sign Mark Duffner, Bring Back Other Coaches

The Jacksonville Jaguars are still trying to fill out their new coaching staff, but were able to hold on to some of the pieces on the defensive side of the ball. Defensive coordinator Mel Tucker remained on staff, as well as defensive line coach Joe Cullen. Linebackers coach Mark Duffner is also officially back after signing his contract today, acoording to a report.

The Jaguars will also are not expected to be bringing back special teams coach Russ Pernell, according to a tweet by Ganguli. The Jaguars will move Aukerman to be the assistant special teams coordinator. Defensive backs coach Cory Undlin also won't be back, but according to Ganguli it's possible the Jaguars could bring back assistant defensive backs coach Brandon Blaney. The Jaguars staff is finally starting to take shape.