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NFLPA Game Practice Report: National Team Day 1

The National Team looked like the more athletic and intriguing group of the two teams and had more talent at the skill positions. Again, most of the day one evaluations will revolve around the skill positions as it's difficult to get an accurate read on lineman and positions that rely on the physical aspect of the game without pads on.

The National Team, coached by Dirk Vermeil, former head coach of the Eagles, Rams and Chiefs, was the second practice of the day:

Damarlo Belcher, WR, Indiana - Belcher was one of several very large receivers to have strong showings for the National Team. While he let a couple balls early in the practice get in towards his body that he dropped, he showed excellent hands on the times when he got them away from his body. He had the catch of the day on a play across the middle in which he fully extended in traffic and still kept his feet.

Antwon Bailey, RB, Syracuse - Bailey didn't look nearly as small as he's listed (5'6, 202) and showed some impressive hands out of the backfield. His official weigh-in and measurements will be interesting to see because he really showed some impressive body control to catch some balls behind him.

Taylor Embree, WR, UCLA - Embree may have been the most impressive receiver of the day for both teams. At 6'3, 207 he has NFL size but his draft prospects will likely depend on the speed he shows in the 40 yard dash. But regardless, he showed some impressive route-running ability and was able to sit on dig routes really well to create space. He also looked very fluid catching the ball, making it look effortless at times.

LaQuinton Evans, WR, Southern - Evans was very fluid catching the ball and was impressive among big school prospects. He didn't have the size that the other prospects had, but was very quick in and out of his breaks.

Jonte Green, CB, New Mexico State - Green was clearly very athletic and was able to keep up with any of the receivers, not allowing any of them to get behind him. He didn't have the most fluid hips, though, and allowed separation when the receivers broke off routes crisply.

Jacory Harris, QB, Miami (FL) - Harris certainly has the athletic skill set so in a practice you saw everything you'd want to see out of him. He has the size and arm necessary to be successful in the NFL, but until he proves that he can overcome his mental shortcomings that resulted in 48 career collegiate interceptions, scouts will likely remain doubtful.

G.J. Kinne, QB, Tulsa - Kinne certainly doesn't have the prototypical size and arm that will have scouts drooling, but he was probably my favorite QB of the day. He lasered in a couple of 30-40 yard passes through traffic that were right on the mark and served as the highlights of the day. He doesn't have a huge arm, but he has enough to feasibly be an NFL-quality backup.

Nelson Rosario, WR, UCLA - Rosario wasn't as impressive as his UCLA counterpart, Embree, but he still did a good job catching the ball. He was very fluid with his hands out in front, catching the ball very cleanly.

Peyton Thompson, CB, San Jose State - Thompson did a decent job staying with receivers, but was beat pretty badly on a double move by Evans and Belcher ran right by him on a deep ball. When he was able to stay with receivers he showed good ball skills to break up passes.

Patrick Witt, QB, Yale - Witt really struggled today and was wildly inaccurate at times. He overthrew players on several occasions and threw possibly the easiest interception of the day when he hit USC linebacker Chris Galippo right in the hands.