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Ron Zook Hired As Jaguars Special Teams Coach... Maybe? Maybe Not?

The Jacksonville Jaguars brought in former Illinois head coach Ron Zook for an interview earlier this week. Well, according to Zook's former boss' assistant... The Illinois Fighting Illini assistant athletic director Kent Brown, he got the job.

Zook has plenty of experience as a special teams coordinator and as a coach in the NFL. He also worked with Mike Mularkey when they were both on the Pittsburgh Steelers coaching staff in the late 1990's. He had stints as a defensive backs coach and a defensive coordinator in the NFL as well before heading back to the college ranks with the Florida Gators and Illinois. I haven't been able to confirm the hire through my own sources, however. Florida Times-Union beat writer Tania Ganguli contacted Ron Zook and he denies even being offered the job.