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NFLPA Game Practice Report: National Team Day 3

Today was the last day of full practices and both teams elected to go without pads and go with more of a walkthrough approach rather than a contact practice. As such, it was hard to take away much from the lineman and running backs, but the passing drills did show off the quarterbacks, receivers and defensive backs.

The National Team practiced 2nd today:

Patrick Witt, QB, Yale - Witt had the worst day of any of the six quarterbacks competing in the NFLPA Bowl on Tuesday when he was wildly inaccurate, but finished the week very strong with his strongest practice on Thursday. He displayed good, quick decision making in 7-on-7's and didn't force throws into traffic. His passes were accurate and he has the size necessary to make an NFL team.

G.J. Kinne, QB, Tulsa - Kinne had the same issues that Stephens had in the earlier practice in that his passes on rollouts sailed over the heads of receivers. With his feet set he was very accurate, especially towards the sideline where he anticipated receivers breaking off their routes very well.

Jacory Harris, QB, Miami - Like Lee in the practice, Harris is the player that everyone was excited to watch and the one that never did anything special. He clearly has great athleticism and a big arm, but his decision making is very delayed. He had the perfect throw against zone coverage that very few QB's can make, but followed it by horribly underthrowing WR Jason Barnes after he got behind the defense.

Brandon Carswell, WR, USC - Carswell ran very crisp routes and drew cheers from WR coach Isaac Bruce. His route-running got him open and he finished by making catches in traffic.

Tommy Shaver, TE, Liberty - Twice Shaver made a catch up high in the air with a linebacker right in his face. He's definitely more of a blocking body and looks slow running routes, but as a red zone target the 6'7, 278 pound Shaver is hard to miss. He showed great hands and could make for a nice Zach Potter type of player.

Sean McGrath, TE, Henderson State - At 6'5, 243 McGrath is also a blocking type of body, but displayed good hands in traffic. He made an excellent diving catch in the endzone that was probably the biggest highlight of the practice and drew cheers from all the offensive players.

Bryce McNaul, LB, Northwestern - On a team with the highly-rated USC linebacker Chris Galippo, McNaul continues to impress me most. While there was no contact he knows exactly where he needs to be to be in position to make a play. Against the very large tight ends he stayed very tight in coverage and fought for the ball in the air.

Laron Scott, CB, Georgia Southern - Scott is a little small at 5'10, 179 pounds, but he uses the sideline very well and has plenty of speed to keep up with any of the receivers on the roster. He has fluid hips and he drives towards the ball very well. Scott also brings kick return ability and is sure-handed fielding punts.