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2012 Pro Bowl: Montell Owens Added to AFC Squad

With the New England Patriots win over the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship they have earned a trip to the Super Bowl. With that, all eight of the Pro Bowlers for the Patriots are out of contention to play in the Pro Bowl on Sunday, Jan. 29. Among those eight was special teamer Matthew Slater. He will be replaced on the AFC roster by Jaguars special teamer Montell Owens.

Owens, 27, will represent the AFC for special teams for the second consecutive season and becomes the seventh Jaguars player to go to two or more Pro Bowls. Owens had a great Pro Bowl in 2011, scoring two touchdowns and lateraling to Alex Mack for a third touchdown for the AFC team, but missed out on the MVP award that was given to DeAngelo Hall for an interception and fumble recovery touchdown.

Owens joins running back Maurice Jones-Drew as one of only two Jaguars on the AFC roster.