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Grading The NFL Coaching Hires

All of the vacant NFL head coaching hires have been filled with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers finalizing a deal with Greg Schiano to be their new head coach. With that being the case, Joel Thorman at SB Nation decided to grade out the new coaching hires. Here's what he had to say for the Jacksonville Jaguars:

6. Mike Mularkey (Jacksonville Jaguars)

I never really understood how the NFL coach hiring process works -- why does (or doesn't) a good offensive coordinator make a good head coach? -- but let's keep things simple with the Mularkey hire in Jacksonville. He just left Atlanta to take this job and Falcons fans at The Falcoholic and SB Nation Atlanta weren't very upset when he left. In fact, some were kinda glad he did.

That's not a good sign, right? That the fans of your coach's former team would've paid his way out of town? It's not proof that this is a bad hire but it does make you raise your eyebrows.

This will be Mularkey's second run as a head coach after his previous stop in Buffalo in 2004 and 2005 (14-18 through two seasons). Grade: 5