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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Who Do The Jaguars Take?

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The 2011 NFL regular season is over and the Jacksonville Jaguars draft position is set, as they'll be picking 7th overall. This clearly puts the Jaguars out of range for Oklahoma State's Justin Blackmon, who was previously the Jaguars token draft pick. It shouldn't be too hard to guess who the new token pick for the Jaguars will be in mock drafts going forward.

So, who does SB Nation have the Jaguars picking in their fresh 2012 NFL Mock Draft?

7. Jacksonville Jaguars, Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame

When a team tries to breath new life into Mike Sims-Walker, after coming to the realization they couldn't the year before, it should be obvious that they need a receiver. Floyd gives Gabbert a reliable player to work with and takes some pressure of Maurice Jones-Drew as the team's only playmaker.

I'm not a fan of this pick at all, really. I wasn't on board with taking Blackmon at four and I'm especially not on board taking Michael Floyd at seven overall. He's not that fast, he's soft, and he's had issues off the field in the past with alcohol. The word is he's cleaned up his act, but I just don't see him as a value pick that high in the draft. It screams more of a forced need pick. If I'm going to force myself on a receiver who's not fast, I'm going to take a guy who's also got the size, hands, and leaping ability to make up for it.

Given how the rest of SB Nation's mock went, I would probably opt for Quinton Coples, Riley Reiff, Alfonzo Dennard, or Jonathan Martin.