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Terrance Knighton told to lay off the pot roast if he wants to get paid

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One of the biggest stories of the 2011 Jaguars training camp and preseason was the conditioning of defensive tackle Terrance Knighton. After the lockout that spanned through the spring and summer, Knighton showed up to camp in late July way out of shape and was told by Jack Del Rio that he wouldn't be allowed until he reached a playing weight.

Two weeks later Knighton finally joined the team for practices after missing the first preseason game for the Jaguars against the Patriots.

His struggles with his weight has made the Jaguars wary about paying the defensive tackle. If a player has work ethic issues and struggles to motivate themselves to stay in shape it is generally not going to be helped by giving that player a contract and less incentive to stay in shape.

That's why GM Gene Smith has reportedly challenged Knighton to prove he can take care of himself this offseason.

A series of tweets from Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union revealed the challenge issued to Knighton this offseason.

Regardless whether Knighton succeeds in his pursuit the story of his conditioning will likely be one that follows him throughout his career. There's certainly no assurance that if Knighton keeps his weight down this offseason with a new contract on the line that he'll do so in future offseasons with the contract already in hand.