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Khan Thinks The Jaguars Should Take On The Foreign Market

We've all heard new Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan say he'd like the Jaguars to be the flag bearers for international games. Khan recently spoke with Action News in Jacksonville about various things, including the team playing over seas.

Khan was candid in sharing his thoughts about the future of the franchise, as well as sharing some insight into what makes him tick. One thing was clear, he has a real passion for Jacksonville and thinks it's important to market the team and the city in hopes of growing both. He believes one way to do that, is to play at least one game a season overseas. Khan says it would give Jacksonville greater exposure and give the city the kind of advertising that "money can't buy."

You can read the rest of the story over at Action News' site here and after the jump is the video interview Khan did with the morning news.