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Jack Del Rio Showed Up Early To Work

The Jacksonville Jaguars fired Jack Del Rio from his head coaching position towards the end of the 2011 NFL season. Recently however, Del Rio was able to find some work as the new defensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos. After Del Rio's hiring, murmurs emerged about Del Rio just "mailing it in" and not putting in the work during the 2011 NFL season. So, what doesDel Rio do on his new job? Show up early, while everyone else is on vacation.

Have to make a good impression, you know?

"I'm not looking anywhere other than the next week, the next month and how we can dig in and do a great job here, and that's what I'm all about," Del Rio said Monday on a conference call with local reporters. "I'm 100 percent in as a member of this organization. I'm going to be a good worker bee on this staff for John Fox, and all the people here. I'm going to give them 100 percent of what I have, and try to help this organization win."

...Well then.