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Shahid Khan's First Day

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It is January 4th, 2012 and that means it is officially the first day of the Shahid Khan Jacksonville Jaguars era. The immediate future of the franchise should be interesting, as the team is in the hunt for their new head coach and it will be the first of many important decisions Khan will make in the near future. It's unknown how much more involved Khan will be than Weaver, or if he'll be more like Weaver and let the "football guys" handle the day to day operations of the football team.

It will be interesting to watch if the Jaguars approach to certain things change at all under the new owner, who's clearly made it known his goal is to re-energize the Jaguars fan base and grow the brand. Does this mean Khan will be more aggressive in free agency, given he will have more available cash than Weaver did? Does this mean he'll be more willing to take chances, or will he be conservative? There is no doubt Khan is a savvy business man, so the next few months will be fun to watch and compare to the Jaguars of old.