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Mel Tucker to Interview for Vikings DC, According to Report

The Vikings haven't fired their defensive coordinator Fred Pagac, but according to Clark Judge of CBS, that should happen soon. So soon that the Vikings have reportedly lined up four candidates to fill the defensive coordinator role. Among those candidates listed is Jaguars interim head coach and defensive coordinator, Mel Tucker.

The ideal situation in the mind of most Jaguars fans would be to hire a head coach and re-sign Tucker as defensive coordinator, but after coaching the league's 6th best defense in 2011 there are apparently other opportunities available for the 40 year old coach. The Jaguars do not need to give the Vikings permission to interview Tucker for a lateral move as this was his last year under contract with the team and he is essentially a free agent now.

Of course, the Vikings would still need to fire Pagac and Tucker would have to beat out three other very qualified candidates to even have the opportunity to decide if he wants to accept the Minnesota job.