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Jay Gruden Not Ready For A Head Coaching Job?

The Jacksonville Jaguars coaching search as it stands has included a handful of offensive coordinators, including Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden. The Jaguars contacted the Bengals for permission to interview Gruden earlier in the week and it was granted, but typically coaches in the playoffs don't interview until their team is eliminated. The Bengals lost to the Houston Texans in on Saturday 31-10, so in the next day or so Gruden should be free to interview.

According to some reports however, Gruden may not feel that he's ready for an NFL head coaching position. This is Gruden's first season in the NFL as a coordinator, having spent most of his career coaching in the Arena Football League and the UFL, but having success in both leagues. The NBC broadcast team noted that Gruden told some media that he didn't feel he was ready for the postion. According to some tweets, this was also reported on First Coast News locally. I did not personally hear or see either however, this is just what I've had multiple people relay to me.