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Paul Vance Dismissed By Jaguars, According To Report

The Jacksonville Jaguars have dismissed senior vice president of football operations Paul Vance, according to a report by Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

Vance had been with the Jacksonville Jaguars since 1994 as a general counsel, but was promoted to VP of football operations in 2001. Paul Vance was in charge of the Jaguars salary cap management and contract negotiation with free agents and draft picks. He was kind of seen as Weaver's "right hand man" during his time with the team. Sashi Brown will take over Vance's role in the front office.

This is a bit of a surprise move by new owner Shahid Khan, but it shouldn't be. A new owner is likely going to want to bring in some of his own staff around him. Expect some more dismissals soon.