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Rob Chudzinski Contacted By Jaguars For Second Interview, According To Report

The Jacksonville Jaguars have contacted Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski for a second interview, according to Jeff Hawkins of CBS Rapid Reports.

Chudzinski is a favorite among Jaguars fans given the fact that he's had success and nearly every stop in his career.

A Jaguars official on Monday would not comment via e-mail on the possibility of OC Rob Chudzkinski receiving a second interview for the head coaching vacancy. Initially interviewed last Thursday, "Chud" is one of at least six reported candidates, including Bengals OC Jay Gruden, Broncos OC Mike McCoy and Jets OC Brian Schottenheimer.

Jaguars owner Shahid Khan was not present at the initial interview with Chudzinski, which was conducted by Jaguars general manager Gene Smith in Charlotte. Khan has made it clear he would like to "sit in" in the interview process.