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Fred Taylor honored, the fans weren't

The Jacksonville Jaguars honored Fred Taylor by adding him to the Pride of the Jaguars on Sunday, but they honored no one with their play on the field.

Rob Foldy-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Former Jacksonville Jaguars running back Fred Taylor was honored during halftime of the team's matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals. A stage was brought out, Shad Khan spoke a few words, Fred Taylor spoke a few words, a golden helmet was given out and a sheet was dropped down to reveal his name on the side of EverBank Field next to Tony Boselli and the Weaver's on the "Pride of the Jaguars".

That was the best moment of the entire game, and the only thing of worth to take away on Sunday.

It was a reminder of when the Jacksonville Jaguars were at least a competitive team, not a team that doesn't look like they have the top end talent at their starting positions to be competitive.

The least the Jaguars could have done on a day in which they honor arguably the best player in franchise history, is compete. They couldn't even do that on Sunday.