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Jaguars GM Gene Smith says the team needs more talent

In a meeting with the press on Wednesday, Jacksonville Jaguars general manager Gene Smith admitted that the Jaguars need more talent.


Jacksonville Jaguars general manager Gene Smith took over as general manager after the 2008 NFL season. Smith proceeded to pick in the Top 10 of the next four NFL Drafts, but on Wednesday told Mark Long of the Associated Press that the Jaguars need more talent.

Look... I understand general managers always have the mind set of wanting to acquire more talent, but when your team has had it's doors blown off three times, all at home, and are sitting at 1-4 it's not something you need to be saying publicly. It's especially not something you should say publicly when the pitchforks are in the air and the torches are lit, with plenty of fans wanting your head.

Smith also admitted to Long that the Jaguars pass rush was the team's "top concern", which is obvious to anyone who's watched the games.

The general manager who has built this Jaguars roster the past three years and has had four Top 10 draft picks in a row says this roster needs more talent? Well, who's fault is that? If you're still starved for talent in the fourth year of your rebuilding, what are you doing? You're still concerned about the pass rush but you've drafted seven defensive lineman and none of them can get to the quarterback?

What are you doing?

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