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Austen Lane effective in return to starting lineup

The Jaguars player was the first defensive end to record a sack when he took down Jay Cutler in Week 5.

Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

After four games without a sack from a defense end, the Jaguars finally recorded their first when Austen Lane got leverage on Bears right tackle Gabe Carimi and drove him back towards Jay Cutler before bringing the quarterback down.

While the pass rush for the Jaguars continued to struggle in Week 5, giving Cutler far too much time to pass, it was a step forward for the team to have Lane back in the lineup after a foot injury suffered in preseason gave the starting role to rookie Andre Branch.

Among those that noticed the improvement on the defensive line for the Jaguars was analysis site, Pro Football Focus, that gave Lane one of the few positive grades for the Jaguars defensive players:

One of the only solid performers was Austen Lane (+2.6), who was fortunate to face off against Carimi. His ability to come off the edge with speed was a problem for Carimi, who struggled to move backwards as Lane came around him, seeing the Jaguar end up with a sack, a hit, and two hurries of Jay Cutler.

While the defense struggled in a 41-3 loss, it's also important to remember that 14 of those Bears points were scored by turnovers and that the defense actually held a strong offense to three points in the first half. Lane was one of the positives that acted like a catalyst for that and could continue to improve in his still young career.