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Jaguars pass rush a big key going forward

The Jaguars currently have just three sacks through five games, the lowest in the NFL. If the team wants success going forward, the pass rush has to improve.

Sam Greenwood - Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars pass rush has been one of the most underwhelming things about the Jaguars during the 2012 season. The team has just three sacks, the lowest in the NFL, and it's hard to see it just magically getting better.

"I thought we would create more of a pass rush," Gene Smith told the Florida Times-Union. "We haven't done that well enough with a four-man front. They've been exposed to too many snaps. We will certainly improve on defense as our offense improves from a scoring standpoint."

The pass rush not being great isn't the big surprise, the surprise is it being completely non-existent. Defensive end Jeremy Mincey was re-signed in the offseason, as he should have been, but hasn't been winning his one-on-one battles on a consistent basis. Not only has Mincey struggled, the rest of the Jaguars ends haven't done much of anything to help him out on the other side.

Rookie Andre Branch has struggled to make an impact, as is to be expected from a rookie, and Austen Lane has returned to the lineup giving the Jaguars more of a rotation at the position.