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NFL in London: Jaguars get rights to market overseas

The Jacksonville Jaguars will be permitted to market their brand and secure international sponsorships for the first time as part of their London games.

Jaguars owner Shad Khan and president Mark Lamping at Chelsea FC, Stamford Bridge @jaguarsinsider

With the Jacksonville Jaguars playing four games in London over the next four seasons, starting in 2013, the league has permitted the Jaguars to market their brand internationally and sell commercially in the United Kingdom.

Typically, the NFL handles this themselves, but are granting the Jaguars to do it independently. This could prove to be lucrative in sponsorship efforts as well as going a long way in Khan's goal to brand the Jaguars and create an international presence.

It's also important to note that during the Jaguars PR blitz last week, Khan reiterated that moving the team to London isn't his goal. "Being the London Jaguars is not in our wheelhouse. But NFL is a growing sport here and lot of fans don't have a team yet."

Per Daniel Kaplan of the Sports Business Journal:

In SBJ, Jacksoville jaguars to be first major american sports team with right to market in overseas country as part of its London games. Overseas markets controlled by the leagues. Jags can brand and sell sponsorships in UK, though cannot compete against NFL sponsors.

You can read the full story here, but it is behind a paywall.