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Jaguars DE Jeremy Mincey playing too many snaps

The Jaguars pass rush has been non-existent through the first five weeks of the season, and part of that is because Jeremy Mincey has been playing too many snaps.

Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

With the Jaguars pass rush struggling and the return of Austen Lane and possibly George Selvie, the team can finally begin to have a rotation going and not have guys like Jeremy Mincey playing every defensive snap in the game. Part of Mincey's ineffectiveness is due to the fact that he's getting worn down.

"The first thing that comes to mind when you mention his name is too many reps based on what happened with our ends and the injuries we had. Close, but there’s other times that he probably would have had him if he would have stayed where he was supposed to stay in some of the lanes," Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey said in a press conference on Monday. "There was a couple times where we had quarterbacks escape and that was him. He saw things. He was trying to do more than what we were asking him to do and he knows that and he knows we can’t do that at any position. If we get George (Selvie) back, that will help. Obviously Austen (Lane) coming back has helped. It’s minimizing reps as hard as he works, I think that will be good for him.

"I just think by the time you got the number of reps that he got he’s just not as effective at the end of the game," Mularkey said.

Mincey played virtually every snap on defense in 2011 as well, when he had a career high in sacks, but it can't be something that can continue. With second-round pick Andre Branch now relegated to coming off the bench, it could work out for the better for the Jaguars pass rush, with both players coming in more fresh than the first five games of the season.