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No debate, Jaguars fans needed the bye week

In the midst of what might go down as a terrible season, we fans needed a week off. It's exhausting following this team.

Andy Lyons - Getty Images

Every week, we as Jaguars fans liven up a little and allow ourselves some excitement as the highlight of the week jogs onto the field towards the coin toss. I'm talking about our team and their games, and the emotional ride that comes with being a fan.

"This will be the week!", we hope. Our team will finally come around and reward our loyalty with the joyful bliss that accompanies a win. That week of reading and writing about my team will pay off while I wear my jersey that i washed, but made sure to wash inside out so that the numbers don't fade. That new cap I bought will be worn with pride. Youtube will play highlight reels of the 'good ole days'! The emotional drought will end! We will have a week of payoff!

Did you catch that? Thats how sad the situation is, I just referred to a single win as joyful bliss. These first 5 games exhausted me, and I'm sure they exhausted you as well. I know they exhausted the rest of the writers on BCC, have you read our twitter accounts? We could be placed in insane asylums if the right psychiatrist read them around fifteen minutes before and after the games end.

Now, I know that none of us true fans would never trade our fan loyalty for anything. That relationship with a team of players that most fans have never met remains what's so special. It creates the bond that everyone here on BCC has found. For example: I could hate your view on politics, as well as your choice between the Winter and Summer Olympics (WINTER!!) and all the way down to your choice of beer (Magic Hat #9) but when I see that you wear teal, well I just get proud to know ya.

However, as fun as it is to be a fan and to be amidst other fans that really know what I go through, I needed this break. The hoping, the rooting, the sour taste after games, the profiling of draft picks when the team is barely through the first quarter....... you see what i mean?

I needed the bye week and I'm sure you did too. It was nice watching a game and not worrying over the outcome. I got fiercely into the Cardinals/Bills game. I felt so rewarded when the Cardinals came back, they did this just to prove my pre-game analysis correct. Kevin Kolb rushed for 4 first downs and seemed to have the comeback in his grasp until he went down with a rib injury.

The Cardinals then lost the game...oh well.

I've slept well and I'm emotionally stable. I guess that means I'm ready for another week of Jaguars football. Here's to it!