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Jaguars vs. Raiders 2012: Mike Mularkey says it's hard not to check out 'Black Hole' fans

When the Jacksonville Jaguars visit the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, they'll be in the midst of a unique set of fans and Mike Mularkey says it's hard not to check them out.

Stephen Dunn

Every stadium has a set of fans that you can tell will be loud and crazy during the game. For the Jacksonville Jaguars it's the north end zone, what used to be the "Cage of Rage". In Oakland, it's the "Black Hole". It's a unique set of crazy fans and it's something Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey knows you can't get caught up in.

"It’s a neat environment. I just had lunch with my son. I said ‘this will be your first time in Oakland.’ We don’t have a lot of guys on our team that have been to Oakland. There’s not a lot of players that have played out there," Mularkey told reporters on Wednesday. "It’s a unique environment. I like playing out there especially in one end zone where the ‘Black Hole’ is, it’s unique for the NFL and it’s a great following. I don’t want to get caught up in that. We’ve got some work to do out there otherwise, but it is a good environment."

"It’s hard not to," Mularkey responded when asked if he catches himself checking out the "crazies" in pre-game. "Yeah."