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Panthers fire Marty Hurney, could Gene Smith be next?

The Carolina Panthers fired general manager Marty Hurney on Monday, could Jaguars general manager Gene Smith be the next one gone?


The Carolina Panthers announced on Monday that general manager Marty Hurney was relieved of his duties and no longer with the football team. The Panthers fell to 1-5 with a loss on Sunday and have been a woeful team all season. The Panthers have signed players to bad contracts, failed in free agency, consistently struggled in the draft, and seemingly have no depth on their roster. Sports media across Twitter were shocked by the move, but were quick note how much of a hard worker Hurney was.

Any of this sound familiar?

I still don't think the Jacksonville Jaguars will fire general manager Gene Smith mid-season like the Panthers have done Hurney and if a move comes it will be after the conclusion of the season.

One has to wonder however, with the Jaguars looking totally inept and another team firing their general manager mid-season, could it make Jaguars owner Shad Khan re-consider potentially canning Smith during the year if things continue to go poorly.