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Blaine Gabbert injury: Jaguars QB could practice Wednesday

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert suffered a non-throwing shoulder injury on Sunday against the Oakland Raiders.

Jason O. Watson

Blaine Gabbert suffered a shoulder injury on Sunday against the Oakland Raiders on a play that wound up not even counting. The Jaguars hiked the football as the Oakland Raiders were offsides and Gabbert rolled back then tried to duck under and absorb the hit coming. He went down awkwardly on his left shoulder and laid on the ground in pain.

Gabbert missed the rest of the game on the sideline without his arm in a sling, as head coach Mike Mularkey didn't think it would be smart to put a one-armed quarterback back on the field. In his press conference on Monday, Mularkey said Gabbert's injury was to his non-throwing shoulder and could be back ready to play against the Green Bay Packers, but would need to be re-evaluated on Wednesday at practice.

Mularkey said if Gabbert can't go, Chad Henne will be ready to start for the Jaguars.

Without Gabbert in the game on Sunday, the Jaguars offense struggled to even move the football, not picking up a first down for 24 minutes of gameplay.