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Jaguars depth chart: C.J. Mosley will continue to start over Terrance Knighton

Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle C.J. Mosley has earned a starting job, and continues to hold on to it.

C.J. Mosley earned a starting job as one of the Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackles a few weeks ago thanks to his play. Mosley had extra reps in practice and training camp early on as the team was easing back Terrance Knighton and Tyson Alualu from offseason injuries/surgeries and has made the best of those reps.

Mosley is playing well enough still in his starting role to hold on to it and keep Knighton on the bench in a back up role. Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey said Knighton has taken his benching professionally, but he doesn't seem to be really pushing Mosley out of the way to get his job back.

Knighton has flashed in some spurts, but the bigger issue is he's in a contract year. This season was supposed to be a big year for Knighton's career where he could possibly earn that big contract, but it's looking more and more like that payday isn't going to come.