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Offensive line rankings: Jaguars among NFL worst

The Jacksonville Jaguars offense has been inept for much of the season, and it looks like a big part of the reason is the play of the offensive line.

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With the Jacksonville Jaguars offense struggling, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what's going wrong to make it so inept. The reason you can't pinpoint just one thing is because it's not just one thing, but a multitude of things. One of the things is the Jaguars offensive line, who outside of Eugene Monroe, have struggled.


31. Jacksonville Jaguars

PB = 31st, RB = 24th, PEN = 17th

What's gone wrong with the Jags' line? Well, outside of the excellent Eugene Monroe every player has graded out negatively. Having to use Guy Whimper on 173 snaps has hurt, but the performance of too many guys has been less than stellar.

I would say Uche Nwaneri has also played well, but he's always been a guy who will have a brainfart or two a game and miss a block, but typically his a solid right guard and a mauler in the run game. The pass protection has been up and down, mostly up when the Jaguars use extra protection with the tight end and fullback. The Jaguars inability to pass block effectively with just their five offensive lineman has been a big hamper on the offense, among other things.