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Fantasy Football 2012 Sit/Start Advice Week 8: Which Jaguars To Play:

Every week join myself, your Big Cat country Fantasy Football Expert to sit down and discuss your options in Fantasy Football Start Em'/Sit Em' for the week. Next we'll take a look at my thoughts on the Jaguars fantasy starts and sits as they take on the Green Bay Packers.


We suck again!!!! Just kidding...well, not really. The Jaguars and fantasy football starts have been synonyms this season. Even last year's rushing title holder Maurice Jones-Drew has been a questionable "must start" for at least half of the games this season. With him being out for at least the next few weeks there's little in the way of moving all things Jaguars to the fantasy dungeon. But fret not Jaguars fans...there's always Febreze® after the dump.

Start Em:

Rashad Jennings = Now that MJD is gone there is simply no "must start" on this team, but Jennings is the closest thing to a fantasy factor that exists on this squad. Replacing MJD is a tall task, but going up against a D that is giving up the 14th most points to opposing RB should help his cause. Green Bay has already allowed 5 RBs double digit fantasy points in 7 games, with Marshawn Lynch just missing the cut for #6 at 9.6 points and Matt Forte with 8 points. I would say in between the running and passing game you should at least expect 8 points as a minimum for Jennings.

Buyers Beware: (Upside exists, but with extreme risk)

Cecil Shorts- After showing up and showing out in his first start of the season Shorts has finally gotten some mention in deeper fantasy leagues. He's the Jaguars leading WR in yardage and TDs on the season while being the leading target getter from last week's game. Being the best WR on an inept offense may be sort of like being the smartest kid in the slow class, this doesn't mean you can't capitalize on his possible success!. From the looks of it Shorts goes where Gabbert goes. Gabbert has gotten really comfortable with Cecil and will likely be feeding him the ball while in catch up mode against Green Bay's 11th worst ranked D against opposing WRs. His downside, is what happens if/possibly when Gabbert can't finish the game after that first big hit likely given up by our O-line. He was rendered inept in the second half of last week's game due to Chad Henne being The Duke of Ineptitude.

Sit Em:

Mercedes Lewis- The good news: Mercedes is leading the team in catches and also has two TDs. He also caught every pass thrown to him last game. The bad news: He plays for the Jaguars. That "team league in catches" is only 17 receptions. And "every pass thrown to him" only amounted to three (all short passes). He also has two TDs in 6 games which isn't that impressive in retrospect. He did next to nothing last week due to not being fed the ball vertically last week against a D that has been terrible against TEs all season. Until the Jaguars begin to consistently use him vertically in the passing game he'll be stuck on the waiver wire.

Blaine Gabbert- Seriously? Do I have to even explain why at this point?

Justin Blackmon- One pass caught for a total of seven yards in only 4 targets. That's one target per quarter. There may be guys on IR after one or two games that may end up with more yardage that this guy. Look elsewhere...far elsewhere...

Jaguars Defense- This is the Green Bay offense that just shredded the "dreaded" Houston Texans Defense that set franchise low records against us a few weeks back. They then did the same to the last few teams they have played since. Our defense just made Carson Palmer look like Aaron Rogers (300+ total yards and 2 TDs). What do you think they'll make the real thing look like? This could get ugly.

So who's in your lineup this week Big Cat Country?