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Jaguars vs. Packers 2012 results: John Chick shows some pass rush

Jaguars defensive end John Chick finally made it back to the active roster against the Green Bay Packers, and already has started to be an impact on the defense.


The Jacksonville Jaguars defense has struggled to pressure the opposing team's quarterback, but the team has gotten back some depth on the defensive line and the pass rush has look improved over the past two games. On Sunday, the Jaguars got John Chick back into the lineup, returning from the PUP list.

Against the Green Bay Packers in Chick's 2012 debut, he played just 13 snaps, but his snaps were noticeable in a good way. Chick picked up an illegal hands to the face penalty that over turned a Jaguars fumble recover, but outside of that mistake he was able to consistently get pressure on Aaron Rodgers.

Chick tore his patella tendon late last season against the San Diego Chargers, and went on injured reserve. During Jaguars training camp, Chick was hobbling around and trying to get back into to shape, but was placed on the PUP list. Prior to the Oakland Raiders game, Chick returned to practice and was added to the active roster prior to the game against the Packers.