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NFL trade deadline could be pushed back by Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy could shut down the league office and several team offices.

Dilip Vishwanat

Hurricane Sandy is currently pounding the east coast of the United States, specifically the northeast, which is where the NFL head quarters are located. Like most things in New York on Monday, the NFL offices are closed and the current plan is to have them closed on Tuesday as well, which could affect the NFL trade deadline,

"NFL spokesman Greg Aiello confirmed to Around the League that the league is discussing pushing back the deadline because of Hurricane Sandy," writes Gregg Rosenthal of NFL Network.

The NFL trade deadline is on Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ET, but could be pushed back a day or so because many teams that could be involved in a trade may be disposed due to the storm. I don't imagine the Jaguars being very active on the trade front, given they're 1-6 on the season and likely out of the playoffs at this point, however.

The team could move someone like Mike Thomas to a team desperate for a wide receiver, but outside of that there isn't likely a move to be made.