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Jaguars' Week 7 game vs. Raiders could be moved to Monday night

A scenario exists that could involve the MLB playoffs forcing a Week 7 matchup between the Jaguars and Raiders to be moved to Monday night.

Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

On Monday the Oakland A's clinched a trip to the playoffs and can earn themselves the American League West pennant with another win on Wednesday. Due to their recent successes, there is now a chance that the Jaguars' Week 7 game against the Raiders on Oct. 21 could be moved to prime-time on Monday night, according to Mark Long of the Associated Press.

With the Dolphins and Marlins no longer sharing a stadium, the sole NFL team sharing a stadium with another sport are the Raiders who split time in the Coliseum with the A's. With schedule makers obviously aware of that fact, they are able to avoid situations of the stadium being booked twice on the same day and are able to work with the schedules of both teams.

However, the schedule makers can't anticipate playoffs schedules and it could be these unpredictable schedules that force the NFL to move the Jaguars to Monday night. Oct. 21, the Sunday that the Jaguars are scheduled to face the Raiders, is the scheduled date of Game 7 of the American League Championship Series.

There are still plenty of scenarios that would have to occur for the A's to be in line to host that series. One, they would have to defeat the Rangers on Wednesday night and earn the No. 2 seed in the AL. Then, they would have to defeat the Detroit Tigers in the divisional series.

Lastly, they'd have to have either the Orioles or Rangers defeat the Yankees in the other AL divisional series. If the Yankees lose tonight though, the A's would have homefield advantage throughout and the results of New York's divisional series wouldn't matter.

Assuming all three of these events occurred, the NFL wouldn't have the option wait around to see if the series reaches a Game 7 before moving the Jaguars and Raiders to Monday night.

The Chicago Bears are scheduled to host the Detroit Lions on Monday, Oct. 22 and would likely have to share the date with the Raiders and Jaguars in a doubleheader format.