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NFL trade deadline: Will the Jaguars be active?

With the NFL trade deadline upon us, will the Jacksonville Jaguars be involved in any mid-season deals?

Doug Pensinger

The NFL trade deadline was pushed back to Thursday due to Hurricane Sandy pounding the northeast, leading to the NFL offices being closed. This gives teams a little extra time to try to make a deal, should they be so inclined.

I suspect the Jacksonville Jaguars will not be very active at the deadline, given they're sitting at 1-6 on the season and about out of the playoff hunt, there isn't much they can do mid-season to alter the roster in a massive way. The team could possibly dump off Mike Thomas, especially with the emergence of Cecil Shorts III and Laurent Robinson returning from injury, but even that seems unlikely.

There are some deals the Jaguars could get in on, including one for wide receiver Dwayne Bowe who appears to be on the trading block and wanting out of Kansas City. The Chiefs wide receiver however likely wouldn't come for cheap and would need be to be signed to a long term deal upon completion of a trade, unless you just want to rent him for half a season.

I wouldn't mind the Jaguars making an aggressive play for someone like Dwayne Bowe, especially with Robinson having suffered three concussions on the season, as each blow to the head will now make a concussion even more likely. The big problem is what you'd have to give up.

As Arrowhead Pride points out (via ESPN), the best the Chiefs would get if Bowe walks in free agency is a third-round pick.

If Bowe leaves as a free agent, the best the Chiefs will do is a compensatory draft pick in 2014. The highest it would be is No. 97, at the end of the third round. By trading Bowe, the Chiefs could get two picks. At least one would be higher than at the end of the third round, and the picks probably would be in next year's draft. I think the Chiefs could get a second-round pick with perhaps a condition for another pick by trading Bowe now.

So, if you can secure Bowe for something like a third-round pick and a conditional later round pick that could be very doable, but you still have to pay him since he's on the franchise tag. Unless I'm understanding the rule incorrectly however, you can't even give Bowe a new contract until the end of the season so he'll have to play on the tag, which is paying him $9.5 million.

The Jaguars could also trade for a backup fullback who refuses to give up playing quarterback in Tim Tebow, but we all know that's likely not going to happen.