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Tim Tebow trade rumors: Jaguars fans get punished again

The NFL trading deadline is on Thursday and Tim Tebow isn't starting yet for the New York Jets, so that means it's time to trade him to the Jaguars again, apparently.

Update: Action News has pulled the story from their website, but luckily someone recorded it and put it on YouTube.

You know what time it is everyone! It's the NFL trading deadline and Tim Tebow isn't starting on the New York Jets. So, what does that mean? It's time for the annual "The Jacksonville Jaguars should trade for Tim Tebow" talk to rear it's ugly head again. This is now being fueled by a local report by Steve Wrigley of and WAPE 95.1 (Yes... a music station).

Wrigley's report cites sources that the Jaguars are once again pursuing Tebow, like they did prior to the season, which I still maintain was a brilliant facade by new owner Shad Khan. Tebow chose to go to the Jets when the offers were virtually identical, mostly because Jaguars general manager Gene Smith and head coach Mike Mularkey both said they did not want Tebow, especially at the quarterback position. If Khan really wanted Tebow, he would have upped the offer and forced the Denver Broncos to accept the better deal.

While Wrigley reports the Jaguars are pursuing him once again, the Action News Twitter account notes that a tweet sent out about a Tebow trade was sent by a "social media desk" person and not one of the sports guys. Not only that, but Tebow was at Latitude 30, a local Jacksonville establishment, which lead many to tweet out he had been traded to the Jaguars. I mean, why else would he be here? It's the Jets bye week.

The report of the Jaguars interest however has been thoroughly panned by virtually every major NFL media person, and I've contacted a few people I know who've also said it's bogus.

People will exclaim Tebow will sell tickets, despite evidence to the contrary and despite the fact that Jaguars ticket sales are just fine with out him. Not to mention the assumption that people would buy tickets week after week to watch a guy sit on the bench and play special teams is both utterly ridiculous and insulting.

We're being water boarded with Tebow rumors and it's total bullshit. As I said before, Tim Tebow is like Jacksonville's herpes. Once you think you're free and clear, it flares back up again.