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Cecil Shorts to remain Jaguars 'X' receiver

Second year wide receiver Cecil Shorts will remain the Jaguars starting "X" receiver, even with the return of Laurent Robinson.

Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

After trading wide receiver Mike Thomas to the Detroit Lions, the Jacksonville Jaguars will need to figure out who's going to be the slot wide receiver in the offense now. One player that we know it won't be is wide receiver Cecil Shorts III, who's emerged as arguably the team's best receiver, at least the most productive one.

Jaguars head Mike Mularkey informed the media on Wednesday that Shorts will remain the Jaguars "X" receiver for now, despite the fact that Laurent Robinson is back up to speed and is ready to go after suffering his third concussion a few weeks ago. The team will work both rookie Justin Blackmon and Robinson in the slot receiver role and the "Z" receiver role to figure out where each player will best fit going forward.

Back in August I wrote the Jaguars should start Justin Blackmon out in the slot, to ease him into the offense and not overwhelm him and it looks like this might be the route the Jaguars are going to go going forward.

Then again, Robinson had quite a bit of success in the slot with the Dallas Cowboys in 2011, so it's possible he might fit there just as well.

An interesting note, Shorts is the only wide receiver on the roster who was on the Jaguars in 2011. Everyone else is new.