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Worst NFL contracts in Jaguars history

The Jaguars traded away Mike Thomas Tuesday, after paying him nearly $10 million in a 12 month span. What are some of the other bad contracts the Jaguars have handed out?


With it being Halloween and all, I thought it would be neat to look at some of the most "spooky" contracts the Jacksonville Jaguars have handed out, and that ends any attempt at trying to make this topical with Halloween.

The Jaguars traded Mike Thomas to the Lions on Tuesday, after giving him a five-year $19 million contract with $9 million guaranteed early in the 2011 season. Thomas' deal, is potentially one of the worst contracts handed out in Jaguars history, so let's take a look at some others to compare.

Mike Thomas

In Thomas' deal, he received a $6 million signing bonus in 2011, plus his salary. In March of 2012, Thomas earned a $3.5 million roster bonus plus his 2012 salary pro-rated through his seven games with the Jaguars. That means in about a 12 month span, the Jaguars paid Mike Thomas nearly $10 million.

Thomas' production after signing his contract in 2011: 37 receptions for 283 yards. In 20 games.

Jerry Porter

In the 2008 offseason the Jacksonville Jaguars thought they were close to making a run at the Super Bowl. They had a couple holes, one of which was wide receiver. The team went out and signed former Oakland Raider Jerry Porter to a six-year, $30 million deal with $10 million guaranteed in the offseason. Porter injured his hamstring in OTA's and missed most of the 2008 season, catching just 11 passes for 181 yards and one touchdown, before being released after the season.

Porter collected $7.5 million in 2008 and was reportedly a disruptive force in the locker room.

Hugh Douglas

In the 2003 offseason the Jaguars signed defensive end Hugh Douglas to a five-year $27 million deal in free agency. The team had been desperate for a pass rusher and was looking to capitalize on Douglas' season with the Eagles. Little did they know that Douglas would completely mail it in once he got his deal.

Douglas got a $5 million signing bonus in 2003 plus his salary, but returned just 3.5 sacks and was released the following training camp after showing up out of shape. Recently, Douglas admitted he completely mailed it in while on the Jaguars.

Bryce Paup

The Jagaurs signed Paup in the 1998 offseason as they were trying to make a run at the Super Bowl and felt they were close, but the team brought Paup in and used him in an odd manner. Paup signed a $21 million deal with the Jaguars, which at the time was a massive contract.

Paup played just two seasons with the Jaguars netting 7.5 sacks before he was released. He retired from the NFL after the following season.

Drayton Florence

Florence along with Porter was brought in during the 2008 offseason with the Jaguars trying to fill some quick holes on their roster for another playoff run. The Jaguars handed Florence a six-year $36 million deal with a $13 million signing bonus. Florence started out the team's starting corner despite being outplayed by Brian Williams all offseason but after he missed a few games with injury was relegated to the bench and cut after the season.