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Big Cat Country Pick6 Week 4 leaderboard

See who earned the top spot from BCC in Week 4 of the Pick6 game and be sure to make your picks for Week 5.

Evan Habeeb-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

While he couldn't quite break the 100-point mark that JPon hit in Week 3, Eric_Stites (yes, that's my brother) earned the win in Week 4 with a 96.0 score that made him the first Big Cat Country representative to break into the top 10 of the overall leaderboard, finishing ninth.

Eric scored big with a bargain buy, taking Joe Flacco for just $14.00 and received 23.6 points from the Ravens quarterback. The rest of his team was consistent, all getting 13 or more points for him, with the exception of his kicker Shayne Graham who added a respectable eight points.

Here's a look at BCC's full top 10 for Week 4: (click to enlarge)


Week 4 also represented the first week that either myself or Alfie cracked the top 10, as Alfie's 68.3 points earned the No. 8 spot on the BCC leaderboard.

Picks for Week 5 of the free SB Nation network game are due before kickoff of the Thursday night game between the Browns and Ravens.