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Bears vs. Jaguars 2012 final score: Terrible second half leads to 41-3 blowout

Blaine Gabbert threw two interceptions that were each returned for touchdowns in a second half that saw the Jaguars get crushed by the Bears.

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images

In the first half, the Jaguars played solid defense and managed to play the Bears to a 3-3 halftime tie. Then they lost the second half by 38points.

Allowing that many points to be scored by the Bears is almost impressive considering Chicago spent the majority of the third quarter driving the field on a nine minute drive that began the half. The Jaguars defense gave up plenty of third down conversions and a fourth down conversion, but managed to hold the Bears to just a field goal.

How did the Jaguars respond to the 6-3 Bears lead? By completely and utterly imploding.


Blaine Gabbert threw an interception to Charles Tillman that was returned for a touchdown and continued to give the ball back to the Bears who suddenly had no issue finding the end zone. Gabbert put the nail in the coffin that was already pretty well-nailed by throwing another interception to Lance Briggs that was also returned for a touchdown.


Barring a monumental difference between these Jaguars and the ones that come out to play after the upcoming bye week, the Gene Smith and Blaine Gabbert may be approaching their ends sooner than later.