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Bears vs. Jaguars 2012 recap: Jacksonville is in a bad spot

The Jacksonville Jaguars were blown out at home by the Chicago Bears 41-3, marking the third blowout loss in five games so far. The Jaguars look like a team who needs a complete reset.

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars bye week could not come at a more perfect time for Jaguars fans, more than anything else. The Jaguars have lost all three of their 2012 home games so far on the season, in blowout fashion being outscored 95-20 in those three games combined, and looking totally inept for much of the game in all three.

Not only has the team been destroyed in the first three home games, but offensively the Jaguars are worse through the first five games of the season in 2012 than they were in the 2011 season, when the offense was one of the worst offenses in franchise history. The team is on pace to break that mark this season and it doesn't appear to be getting better on the horizon.

The offense isn't the only problem however, as the Jaguars defense has been gashed much of the season on the ground and in the air. On Sunday against the Bears, Chicago had nearly 70+ rushing yards in the first quarter alone between Matt Forte and Michael Bush. Right up the gut, off-tackle, wherever the Bears wanted to run it they ran it. On the game, the Bears ran the ball for 200+ yards and nearly 300 yards in the air, as Jay Cutler had all day to throw, sacked only once and hit just four times. The defense just cannot get any pressure on the quarterback and it kills everything else on the defense.

It was what most of us expected against a team with talent, and the disparity in talent was apparent on the field and that's the whole problem with the 2012 Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Jaguars lack talent in year four of their rebuilding process, and it shows up on the field in a bad, bad way.

This team needs to burn it all down, and it starts at the top. Yes, I know it's only Week 5, but the Jaguars are 1-4 and look flat out terrible. There's not much that the team can do to improve on the season, except rely on the current crop of players to take a massive leap forward and that just doesn't seem like it's going to happen.

Gene Smith has run his course and somehow has made the team worse than when he took over in 2008, failing to draft impact players and seemingly whiffing on his Top 10 quarterback selection in Blaine Gabbert. His free agency acquisitions to "fix" the defense lasted a season and the additions to "fix" the offense haven't been much a factor.

The Jaguars need to start completely over. Gene Smith should be fired, if the new GM wants a different coaching staff and a new quarterback (likely), so be it. It sucks for Mike Mularkey to get caught in the middle, but that's the nature of the beast.

I know I sounds like a broken record, but the Jaguars can't significantly improve through the rest of the season, they may not win another game and could lock down the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft before the season is even over.