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Bears vs. Jaguars 2012: Players don't have any answers

The Jacksonville Jaguars were blown out by the Chicago Bears 41-3 on Sunday and left the players with questions they cannot answer.


With the blowout loss on Sunday, everyone wanted to know what the exact problem was and how it could be fixed. Running back Maurice Jones-Drew, who was held to just 56 yards on Sunday was asked what could be fixed, and he was at a loss for an answer.

"I don’t know. Obviously we are not working hard enough. I don’t know," Jones-Drew told reporters what needs to be changed on the Jaguars after the game. "You would think the way they’ve worked and the way I’ve worked in the off-season we would play better than this. We are just not playing well right now. We have to figure something out. No one here is going to save us. It’s just the guys in this locker room. There is no one that we can bring in to help. We just have to man-to-man look at each other and figure out what we are going to do."

As one former Jaguars writer was quick to quote, help is not on the way, is essentially Jones-Drew's message. There is no one thing that can fix this football team this season.