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Bears vs. Jaguars 2012 offensive snap count

In the Jaguars 41-3 loss to the Chicago Bears, their most productive wide receiver played the least amount of offensive snaps.


The Jacksonville Jaguars offense was able to move the ball a bit in the first half of the game, but completely fell off a cliff in the second half. This isn't about what the Jaguars offense did wrong and what they can do to fix it, but just a general question that doesn't make much sense.

Why doesn't wide receiver Cecil Shorts III play a more prominent role in the Jaguars offense?

On Sunday, with Laurent Robinson out with a concussion, Mike Thomas got the start in Robinson's place and played 46 of the offensive snaps on Sunday. Thomas ended the game with four receptions for 15 yards and was targeted eight times. Not only did Thomas not really do anything once he caught the football, but he also dropped the ball at least twice, assisting in killing drives.

Cecil Shorts on the other hand once again led the Jaguars receivers in yards. He played just 15 offensive snaps and managed to catch two passes for 43 yards on just three targets. The third target was another deep pass where Shorts got behind the defense and Gabbert just barely overthrew him.

For the life of me, I don't get why Shorts barely gets offensive snaps, yet continuously seems to look like possibly the best wide receiver on the field and by far the most productive. Shorts leads the Jaguars with 205 receiving yards, most of which is on two late game touchdowns, but on those plays a lot of it was Short's making the play, not a hope and a prayer.

Maybe this is something that gets sorted out in the bye week when the team has a chance to reset on the season and push forward, but something here doesn't make sense.