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Firing Gene Smith now doesn't help the Jaguars

While many Jacksonville Jaguars fans want general manager Gene Smith fired, and rightfully so, doing it mid-season won't solve or help anything.

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images

If the 2012 NFL season keeps going the way it's going for the Jacksonville Jaguars, it's hard not to see Jaguars general manager Gene Smith on a collision course with being fired. Many fans want Gene Smith fired immediately however, to get the process of hiring a new general manager started and to just get him out of the building.

It doesn't work like that, though.

The roster Gene Smith has built is set and here to stay for the 2012 season. All the pieces are in place and firing him won't change anything mid-season. It will satiate the fan outcry for a week or so, until the Jaguars lose another gut wrenching game and then someone else will become the target of fan's ire.

As far as getting the process started early, it doesn't work like that either.

The most likely targets for a new general manager are going to already be employed by an NFL team and teams are not likely to give the Jaguars permission to interview and/or hire away one of their guys mid-season. So, unless the Jaguars want one of the former general managers that are now media personalities, firing Gene Smith now does nothing but blood letting for Jaguars fans.

Save that for late December.