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Jaguars DT C.J. Mosley is earning more playing time

C.J. Mosley has been playing well enough to begin stealing snaps from Jaguars defensive tackle Terrance Knighton, who's play has left a lot to be desired through the first five weeks of the 2012 season.


The Jacksonville Jaguars have shuffled their defensive line a bit over the past few weeks, with veteran defensive tackle C.J. Mosley working his way into the lineup more and more, even starting two games this season, including on Sunday against the Chicago Bears.

"He played extremely well. Yes he did," Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey said about C.J. Mosley to reporters on Monday.

Mosley has played so well in fact, he's draining snaps away from Terrance Knighton who's struggled the past few weeks when on the field. On Sunday against the Bears, Mosley played 39 snaps to Knighton's 27.

"It's really been a lot about the production when he's {Knighton) been in there," Mularkey said on Monday. "C.J. (Mosley) has made more plays when he's had opportunities and I think Terrance (Knighton) played well against Minnesota but has had somewhat of a drop off since Minnesota. CJ (Mosley) has kind of climbed his way up there and yesterday I thought he played outstanding."

It's a bit disconcerting for Knighton, who's in the final year of his contract and was expected to have a big season and earn a big pay day, especially after coming into training camp in the best shape of his NFL career following an off-season eye injury. In the past, Knighton's play has fallen off due to conditioning late in the season, but he's been "just a guy" out there on the defensive line and his snaps are starting to wain.