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Jaguars Rebuild: What players are "must keep"?

It's the bye week, so we get to talk about completely ridiculous things. Things like which players on the Jaguars roster are "must keep" players if the team were to go through another rebuild in 2013.

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images

We've beat the lack of talent horse to death with the 2012 Jacksonville Jaguars, so lets take a look going forward. In order to do this exercise, we're going to have to assume a few things to be true. First, we have to assume that Gene Smith is fired as general manager at the end of the season. Then we have to assume that whatever general manager comes has freedom to hire his own coaching staff and pick his own quarterback, which will very likely be the case.

So, with those things assumed... how many players on the Jaguars current roster are "must keep" players that you feel absolutely need to be kept in a roster reconstruction. I was able to come up with a some players, a shocking low amount, but I'm curious to see who you think is one of those players.

Alfie's "Must Keep" Players

  • Eugene Monroe
  • Uche Nwaneri
  • Justin Blackmon (because, rookie)
  • Marcedes Lewis
  • Cecil Shorts III
  • Jeremy Mincey
  • Andre Branch (because, rookie)
  • Derek Cox
  • Paul Posluszny
  • Dwight Lowery
  • Dawan Landry
  • Daryl Smith
That's 12 players, for me, that I feel like are absolutely necessary to keep on the roster through a rebuild effort. Branch and Blackmon are no brainer keeps because they're in just their first season in the NFL, else I my list would be just 10 players.

(Edit: I forgot to add Josh Scobee and Bryan Anger... but special teams.)