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Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey not proud of losing his composure

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey showed his frustration on the sideline towards the referees in Thursday night's loss to the Indianapolis Colts, but it's a moment he's not proud of.

Indianapolis Colts rookie quarterback Andrew Luck executed a quarterback sneak on the goal line midway through the second quarter on Thursday night against the Jacksonville Jaguars, which the referees ruled a touchdown. The play was close, which led Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey wanting to challenge the ruling on the field, but because all scoring players are automatically reviewed, the referees informed him he couldn't.

"I thought it was a close play. I thought our defense did a great job where the goal line stand right there. It was a tough call especially from where it was called. I was told it was reviewed upstairs," Mularkey told reporters on Friday. "That’s all I wanted to know that it was. It didn’t feel like it because of the time frame. It felt like it was a normal timing of a touchdown extra point. I’m not going to get into what I think of the call and the officiating. I am not going to go there because I am not going to get the fine that comes with it."

Mularkey stepped onto the field and flung his playbook and headset to the ground in a fit of frustration while the crowd rained boos on the referees. If the play was reviewed upstairs, it certainly didn't feel like it took more than a few seconds to do. For the blowout, Mularkey was called for a 15-yard penalty and will likely be fined by the league.

"Yes. I am really not very proud of it to be honest with you," Mularkey told reporters when he was asked if it was his first penalty as a head coach. "I thought it’s not good for your football team to show that kind of frustration to them it kind of sends a sign that it’s ok and it’s not ok."

Mularkey even seemed to think that some calls later in the game may have been influenced by the incident.

"I think it has a direct influence on the officiating crew that you’re questioning them and putting them on the spot and that may result in things later on being called that maybe were grey and because of what I did," Mularkey added. "That was not a good decision on my part."