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Ray Edwards released by Falcons, should Jaguars take a look?

The Atlanta Falcons released veteran defensive end Ray Edwards on Monday afternoon, should the Jacksonville Jaguars take a look?


In a surprise move, the Atlanta Falcons have released veteran defensive end Ray Edwards, who was a highly sought after free agent. Edwards started all 16 games for the Falcons in 2011 after signing a five-year, $27.5 million deal in free agency leaving the Minnesota Vikings.

Edwards was a disappointment for the Falcons, notching just 3.5 sacks in 25 games and was released on Monday evening.

The question is, are the Jaguars hurting so bad for a pass rush that they take a sniff around Edwards?

Personally, I'm not sure Edwards would really offer much more than the Jaguars currently have at the position and he was never much of a premier pass rusher, benefiting from playing opposite Jared Allen with the Vikings. Edwards had back to back eight sack seasons before hitting free agency and cashing in.

Edwards started just four games for the Falcons this year with nine tackles and zero sacks.