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2013 NFL Draft order: Jaguars behind Chiefs for top pick

The strong performance of the NFC North and teams like the Colts and Texans have hurt the Jaguars in the 2013 NFL Draft order.

Gregory Shamus

After the first 10 weeks of the regular season, the postseason hopes for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City Chiefs appear long over as each have 1-8 records. Instead the only relevant race between the two teams will likely be for the first overall selection as the two are tied with the NFL's worst records.

The tiebreaker, however, goes to the team with the lowest strength of schedule, and thanks to strong seasons by the Texans and Colts, along with a schedule that featured the resurgent NFC North, the Jaguars are well behind the Chiefs for the top spot.

Here's a look at the full top 10 for the 2013 NFL Draft entering Week 11:

# Team Record Opp. Record SoS %
1 Kansas City Chiefs 1-8 73-71 0.507
2 Jacksonville Jaguars 1-8 82-65 0.558
3 Cleveland Browns 2-7 73-72 0.503
4 Carolina Panthers 2-7 77-71 0.520
5 Oakland Raiders 3-6 65-79 0.451
6 Buffalo Bills 3-6 67-77-2 0.465
7 Philadelphia Eagles 3-6 72-74 0.493
8 Washington Redskins 3-6 73-73-1 0.500
9 New York Jets 3-6 74-70-2 0.514
10 St. Louis Rams 3-5-1 79-65-2 0.549

While the Jaguars travel to Houston to play the Texans in Week 11, the Chiefs play their first of three consecutive home games, beginning with the Cincinnati Bengals.