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David Garrard doesn't rule out Jaguars in NFL return?

Former Jaguars and Dolphins quarterback David Garrard says he's ready to return to the NFL and doesn't rule out a return to his former team.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The Jacksonville Jaguars released quarterback David Garrard the week before the regular season opener in 2011, which drew the ire of lots of Jaguars fans because of the way it was handled. Despite claiming to be healthy and wanting to play, Garrard drew minimal interest from the league until a few weeks into the season when he was scheduled to take a trip to visit with the Oakland Raiders. Unfortunately for Garrard it turned out he needed surgery on his back and was sidelined for the season.

In the 2012 offseason Garrard was picked up by the Miami Dolphins, who wound up drafting Ryan Tannehill in the Top 10 of the draft. Reports out of Dolphins training camp indicated that Matt Moore was winning the job and other reports noted that David Garrard was winning the job. When Tannehill joined the fray he reportedly quickly inserted himself into the quarterback battle. Garrard wound up with a mysterious knee injury prior to the start of the preseason however, which required surgery and led to Garrard being released.

Fast forward to Week 11 in the 2012 season and it appears Garrard is ready to come back to the NFL once again. "I'm ready to go anywhere, I'd be open to all 32 teams," Garrard told the Florida Times-Union ($). "I wouldn't think it'd be awkward for me to go back. It's basically a whole new organization with a different owner. Everybody is basically gone that was there before. I wouldn't hold any grudges. I still appreciate Gene Smith and what he's done for me. I know a lot of things people wish happened differently, but I love Jacksonville and the Jaguars. I would have no problem joining them again."

While it's swell that Garrard would have no problem returning to the Jaguars, it's just not really feasible for the Jaguars to want to bring him back. It's a completely new offense for Garrard with a completely new cast around the quarterback. It's Week 11, so you'd need a few weeks to even learn the offense, not to mention the team is sitting at 1-8 on the season and for all intents and purposes out of the playoff picture, so what would be the point?

There are a few teams who could use Garrard if he's fully healthy, such as the Arizona Cardinals and the Kansas City Chiefs, but again... it's Week 11.