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Jaguars playing for 'pride' and 'jobs' now

While Blaine Gabbert was diplomatic when asked about the motivation for the final seven games of the season, Paul Posluszny was a bit more realistic.


With seven games remaining in the season, the Jaguars are seven games behind the Houston Texans and will be officially eliminated from AFC South title contention just 11 weeks into the season if they are unable to pull off a mammoth upset on Sunday. Unsurprisingly, the Jaguars players have seemingly resigned themselves to the fact that they won't be going to the postseason, but that doesn't mean they are completely without motivation to play.

"Everybody in the NFL and this locker room has a great sense of pride," Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert told reporters on Wednesday, "You want to go out there and not be the guy that lets the other 10 guys down on offense and that's how we are on defense and special teams. We want eleven guys playing for one reason and that's pride. The season hasn't gone the way we wanted it right now, but at the end of the day you still have to go out and prove yourself every day."

While pride is one thing, the concrete thing that the players should and will be playing for, though, is money. Linebacker Paul Posluszny wasn't as diplomatic as Gabbert and told Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union as much:

In very few words, Posluszny pin-points exactly why the notion that a "Suck for Luck" type campaign for whoever may be the top draft pick will never catch on with players. The players have only seven weeks left to show they deserve a spot on the team in 2013.