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Gene Smith May Stay

I want you, the loyal fan, to know that I have no inside information concerning this topic. So pick that food up that just shot out of your mouth as we approach a different view on a topic that's been run more than Tim Tebow in a punt formation.

Scott Cunningham

For the sake of giving your eyes a break from reading too much, I'll skip pointing out the reasons that current Jaguars GM Gene Smith should leave. I'll not skip that I'm happy. After watching the Jags trade up for Gabbert I sported a look of despair on my face that would make Taylor Swift look happy when Kanye West was "really happy for her" and the infamous "Imma letchu finish"(0:46 in case you forgot).

Anyway, back to the situation at hand. The Jaguars face a very real dilemna: they may not pick in the top-10. Yeah, they may escape a sixth straight year thanks to what will amount to "average with potential for effective" QB play. Recent developments (see: Chad Henne starting) show that the Jaguars are now capable of competing in football games. I know! Crazy! Thanks to these recent developments, as well as a schedule that avoids heavy hitters in 3 out of 4 games......well, the Jaguars may push themselves out of the "well they really DO need more talent" draft positions.

This is unfortunate. The Jaguars really DO need more talent as evidenced by lopsided losses. I openly want to state that Head Coach Mike Mularkey and his staff admirably kept the team together through tough times this season and I would enjoy him coaching this team in the future. So, why might Gene Smith stay?

He's detailed, organized and has a plan. Jaguars owner Shad Khan must be Ga-Ga (not Lady) over the organization behind everything. The results? Not so much, but he certainly seems to be a man that loves details.

I believe Smith can lay out a plan that hits enough details and strategy to show Khan that Smith knows football and truly can take this team to the Super Bowl. The strong point of his argument will center around that "one missed pick" in QB Blaine Gabbert. With a different QB, the team could play with a much different record right now. Sure, certain players are aging and certain positions need new talent but if you bring in a new GM, that guy will bring in a new HC. Then a new system gets installed on both sides of the ball and you may lose your All-Earth WR coach and you don't want to miss out on what could be at WR, do you? With a new staff, you hinder development and at that point you are just looking at more time.

The argument Smith could make reasoning why he should stay isn't difficult and Khan just bought a team in a sport where he has no professional experience. Lessons need to be learned and what's one more season if the perspective garnered helps you build and empire of a football organization?