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Jaguars offensive line allowed 7 sacks

While the Jacksonville Jaguars were victorious on Sunday against the Titans, the offensive line still allowed seven sacks on the day.

Sam Greenwood

Lost in the Jacksonville Jaguars home victory against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday was how much the offensive line struggled in pass protection. Quarterback Chad Henne was sacked seven times on the day and hit a total of 12 times. The middle of the offensive line was a big issue on the day, but Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey said it was a combination of things.

"But with our protection there was some area was not one specific area why we gave up the sacks that we did," Mularkey told reporters on Monday. "It was really a combination of a lot of things. We’ve got to clean that up, absolutely."

It wasn't just players getting beat in one-on-one match ups however, there were too many instances of free rushers getting a hit on Henne.

"Unblocked players with free runs to the quarterback are things… We have rules that hold up against everything," Mularkey added about the protection issues. "There’s not a lot that you can do that we haven’t practiced against at some point here or there. Some of them were very simple mistakes that we made that can get you beat and they have gotten us beat. They’ve been part of why we’ve lost the games that we’ve lost. Very simple things that we just didn’t execute very well."

The Titans as a whole aren't a great pass rushing football team, so the Jaguars will need to clean some things up on the line if they expect to add some more wins to close out the season.